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Simple living tip: time is not money

This tip applies equally to multiple aspects of life: from spiritual practice, to homesteading, to mental health, to pushing back against the harms of capitalism.

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A pagan and Heathen review of American Gods, season 2, episode 6: “Donar the Great”

“Donar the Great,” the sixth episode of season two of American Gods, aired today, April 14th, 2019, on Starz. As a polytheist who practices Heathenry and actually worships some of the gods depicted, and as a person who cares about ending oppression, this episode made me deeply unhappy. Here’s why.

Spoilers ahead, and warning for a discussion of suicide, fascism, and racism.

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Stop Islamophobia and White Supremacy


This morning: 49 dead, 48 hospitalized from a mass shooting and attack on two mosques in Christchurch in Aotearoa (New Zealand). White supremacists planned and carried out the attacks. The gunman live-streamed the carnage.

In-depth coverage of the incident from Democracy Now. The commentaries from Qasim Rashid, a lawyer and human rights activist, and Farid Hafez, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Salzburg, are extremely important.

This is the latest horror to require a repudiating response and a strong call to action and solidarity from activist allies who oppose Islamophobia, structural and personal racism, anti-Semiticism, anti-immigration hate, and so on. (Have any of us done enough? I know I haven’t.)

Here are two opinion pieces just published in The Guardian.

“After Christchurch, Muslims need more than just your thoughts and prayers” by
Masuma Rahim, a clinical psychologist. A quote from her editorial piece:

“Your thoughts and prayers…

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Pop culture paganism and magick, part one: definitions

I mention pop culture spirits in my bio, and I have a pop culture tag for this blog. But what is pop culture paganism? And how does one practice pop culture magick?

Many people who skimmed my recent PCP/PCM class flyers apparently believed I would be teaching about representations of witchcraft and pagan spiritualities in popular media. While this subject interests me greatly too, for my class and for this post, I’m actually referring to theories and mechanics for belief and spellcasting, not just media analysis.

Excerpted from my November 2018 class at Fantasia Crystals in Phoenix, AZ, “Intro to Pop Culture Paganism and Magick,” here are some basic definitions to get you started.

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Runes are hard, and related lessons

Today a friend of mine asked for help transliterating a phrase in English into runes for a tattoo. As nervous as I am about the potential for “that one time I fucked up on runes and my mistake was immortalized on someone’s body,” I agreed to give it a shot.

… Runes are hard. It’s not as simple as swapping out one letter for another, since runes are phonetic: that is, based on sounds. And English can be a problematic language for a system of writing designed for a different language with different sounds.

Here are some challenges I faced and decisions I made to help design a rune phrase tattoo, which was more of an art than a perfect equation.

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Link Roundup

Open tabs roundup for December 2018

Guess who’s busy again? In between my full-time day job, I got hired to copyedit a book, I’m prepping for my upcoming classes, and I’m prepping to lead my Kindred’s belated Yule blot tomorrow. So just like last month, here’s a few of the random pages I have open in my browser that readers might also find interesting.


Food Safety Facts: Safe Homemade Flavored and Infused Oils

How to sew super soft leggings at home


Old Norse Women’s Names

Bindings III: Gentlest

Viking Archaeology – Gosforth Cross (I’ve been using this one as a reference for woodburning practice. Have I mentioned I also started trying to learn woodburning?)